Joe's stack of books

Joe’s Bookshelf

Business, Finance, and Personal Growth

Total Money Makeover Dave Ramsey’s guide to getting out of debt and beginning to build wealth

One Up on Wall Street Jim Cramer calls this the best investment book ever written, and I couldn’t agree more

The Creature From Jekyll Island The history of the Federal Reserve Bank

How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World Personal growth and life coaching as if freedom matters

Economics and Society

Economics in One Lesson Pretty much what it sounds like, except from an refreshingly free-market viewpoint

For a New Liberty Market solutions for services people usually look to government to solve

Why Government Doesn’t Work Libertarian Presidential candidate Harry Browne’s manifesto

The Revolution Find out what Ron Paul is all about, and why his fans are so loyal

Food and Food Politics

The Paleo Solution The first book I read on the paleo diet, and still my pick as the best introductory to ancestrally informed eating

Death by Food Pyramid Lays out the scientific and political shenanigans behind the dangerous nutritional standards we grew up with

The Dorito Effect Sophisticated tricks that keep us addicted to food-like substances

Paleo for Restaurants My own guide for restaurants that want to keep customers when they decide to reject grains and other neolithic foods


Alongside Night Near term dystopian novel dealing with the inevitable collapse of fiat currency and the equally inevitable response of the real free market

To Your Scattered Bodies Go Everyone who ever lived is resurrected along the banks of a mysterious river

Bloodsuckers Libertarian vampires and their militia of the undead attract the attention of the FBI

The Fountainhead The story of an architect who wants only to live, and build, according to his own conscience, and all the people who try to stop him

For Children

Pumpkinhead Possibly the strangest, yet most enchanting, children’s book I’ve encountered

Oh the Places You’ll Go Inspiration and motivation for the sandbox crowd

Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type Funny, clever, and wonderfully subversive

Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective Thoroughly entertaining celebration of knowledge, reasoning, and entrepreneurship

For Teens

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Classic story of imagination and not taking reality too seriously

The Girl Who Owned a City Resourceful kids take over a city when a tragedy kills all the adults, and arguably do a better job

Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? Basically Economics in One Lesson for younger folks

Paleo Girl Diet, fitness, and lifestyle tips for teenage girls who want out of the madness of the junk food/starvation diet rollercoaster

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